Pack 1 to 4 Way DC Power Splitter Cable Barrel Plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm for CCTV Cameras DVR LED Light Strip and More

About this item
1 to 4 port DC power splitter cable
Plug Diameter: 5.5mm outer, inner 2.1mm. Length: 0.33m
Convenient and cost effective way to power up 4 cameras with 1 power adapter. Useful for powering multiple cameras from one central adapter
Permissible Current: main wire is up to 5Amp, branch wire is up to 2Amp at 12V DC or below
Warranty: 1-years , Package content: 1x 1 to 4 cables

Avoid Cord Clutter

With this high efficient power spliter, there's no need for a bunch of adapters to power multiple devices. This space-saving cable design allows you to plug in one adapter without covering up other outlets, eliminating cord clutter and keep your room tidy. Perfect for your office and home with multiple devices.

High-Efficient Power Solution

Turning a single power source into eight, this DC 1 female to 8 male power spliter works perfectly to expand the number of cameras without adding extra electrical outlets and purchasing more power adapters. It's built tough and durable to power up to 8 cameras at the same time from one central adapter.

Ideal for Clusters of Electrical Devices

This quality 8-way power spliter allows you to connect a wide variety of electrical devices such as security camera system, monitors/TV sets, office supples, game consoles and kitchen appliances. It's super easy to use and help you get rid of cord clutter, giving much more flexibility for office and home with multiple electrical deviappliances.




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