Real 18AWG 10 Pairs 12V 5A DC Power Pigtail Barrel Plug 2.1mm x 5.5mm Male Female Connector Cable for CCTV Security Camera and 12V Power Supply Adapter

[ WATERPROOF & DURABLE ]-The weatherproof junction box is made of aluminum, which keeps your equipment and cables intact. It is solid and designed to against sun exposure, heavy rain, dust and corrosion.
[FEATURES]- 3.94* 1.89 inch, plate center hole: 0.98 inch. Mounting type: Surface Mount; Electric enclosure material:Metal & Rubber; Main color: White. Works with surveillance camera (You can drill holes on the plate to match different cameras).
[EASY INSTALLATION ]-This sturdy junction box can save your worries of cracking the bracket by mistake and it is reusable. Solid screws are included. You can mount it according to your needs.
[PROTECT YOUR CABLES]-Rear/Bottom access to pass cables through. Perfect for hiding cables and connectors. Easy to operate and maintain, it has enough space to store excess cables.
[ONE FOR ALL]-This universal metal junction box is suitable for your IP/POE surveillance bullet camera, bring both your indoor and outdoor cameras a solid and neat way of wire arrangement and protection.



Flexible & Durable

With new flame retardant / anti riot sun / antioxidant / anti-aging PVC plastic which is flexible and durable.

Heavy-duty quality with 43 x 0.14mm pure copper strands inside one cable brings the reliable, secure connection and rapid transmission. 18AWG DC Power Pigtail Cable provides a more safer DIY solution for DC power connectivity, work with a power adapter or a power supply box.


Real Thick 18AWG

Real 18AWG vs Common 22AWG, real 18AWG are bigger wire than other 22AWG pigtails, as it has heavy gauge with 43 pcs 0.14 mm 100% copper strands inside one cable, total 86 pcs 0.14 mm copper strands inside the two Red / Black cables. This makes the difference when using with bigger power supplies, and allows them to be used for higher current devices, they should be good to 5A or even a touch more with real 18AWG.


Easy Installation

Easy to weld and install, as the ends of the DC power pigtail cables are pre-tinned making them super easy to solder. Also features two wires on the other Red Black wire jackets indicate polarity. They are fairly long too, 11" total, 9.5" of wire.

Easy DC Power solution, compatible with all CCTV systems and other 2.1*5.5mm DC power devices like part lighting or led strips. Very versatile.


Security Camera DC Male & Female Power Plug Pigtail Cable

This 18AWG DC Power Pigtail provide a very good reliable DC power connection.

Patch cable for surveillance cameras to connect to a power supply.

You may connect extra Battery pack with this cable or for CCD Camera installation. Most dome- or bullet-style surveillance cameras come with a short power cable but need a patch cable to connect to a power supply. Connect your camera to the power supply easily with the Male DC Power Pigtail, which has 9.5 inch of red and black color-coded wires along with a standard center-positive plug to connect easily to your camera.


- DC Plug: 5.5mm*2.1mm

- Total length: 9.5 inch

- Wire gauge: 18AWG

- Current: 5A (12V)

- Joint polarity: Red(Positive) / Black(Negative)

- Wire material: pure copper core (high quality oxygen free copper / non recovery copper)

- Plastic material: new flame retardant / anti riot sun / antioxidant / anti-aging PVC plastic




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