Why the Panoramic WIFI IP Cameras Getting More Popular?

Home video surveillance is ever the fastest growing market sector in global video surveillance market. Thanks to the wide spreading of smartphone usage and the mature of HD video surveillance technology, many users have one or several IP cameras either for the purpose of entertainment or security.

Advantages of panoramic camera:
1. 360 degree panoramic video surveillance, no blind spot, covering the entire room. One panoramic camera can cover the entire room, it’s able to replace multiple conventional cameras. The panoramic camera can produce 360 degree surround view, no blind spot.

2.Panoramic wifi camera is easy to blend house interior, aesthetic, less intrusive.

3. Cost-effective, greatly reducing the total budget.

What's about Weisky Panoramic IP Cameras?

This is a 360-degree panoramic camera with fisheye lens, wide panoramic view, equivalent to the view of 4~6 ordinary camera. Monitoring the whole room with just one camera, nothing can escape from the eyes of “WEISKY IPC360”.

WEISKY IPC360 adopts the global top imaging company - Japan SONY 1/3 inch target surface, 1.3 megapixel industrial-grade CMOS image sensor, with the large aperture high-resolution fisheye lens specially designed by PVP, excellent photosensitivity created the clear and bright picture quality of “WEISKY IPC360”.

In Weisky,

1. Service is our first priority; 
2. Customer satisfaction comes first
3. Pursue not highest profits but best quality;
4. Committed to meet clients goals and budget

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