2016-Highly recommend-Home Panoramic Wifi Bulb Light IP Camera

These days, child injury, child maltreatment in Kindergarten, no cure for elderly sudden illness, house breaking occurring frequently;

They are not we want, while, how can we be assured our babies safety in kindergarten, elder parents safety at home, as well as the property safety?

Everyone hope there is a Baymax at home for health care.

Or an Pokonyan to realized our best wishes

However, these are what our beautiful fantasy.
How could it exist? Yes, indeed exist.Here is one security camera, want it?
Hello, WEISKY IPC360 Panoramic Smart Home Camera here

This is a 360-degree panoramic camera with fisheye lens, wide panoramic view, equivalent to the view of 4~6 ordinary camera. Monitoring the whole room with just one camera, nothing can escape from the eyes of “WEISKY IPC360”.
WEISKY IPC360 adopts the global top imaging company - Japan SONY 1/3 inch target surface, 1.3 megapixel industrial-grade CMOS image sensor, with the large aperture high-resolution fisheye lens specially designed by PVP, excellent photosensitivity created the clear and bright picture quality of “WEISKY IPC360”.

Normal cameras often have complex installation requirements, at least need to pull a power line, connect network cable, even need professionals to drill and pull cable with various tools to complete the installation. But the installation of “WEISKY IPC360” is just as simple as to change a bulb light as usual at home. Fine a lamp socket and screw into it without network cable and power cable. WEISKY IPC360 transmits video images through home wireless network. Even if the housewives can easily complete the installation alone, without the aid of any tools or rely on expertise.

WEISKY IPC360 can view remotely by Apple and Android phones, as long as there is network, no matter it is the operator's 4G network or the WiFi network at office, open the APP, you can see your home video scene by WEISKY IPC360 and have a two way voice call with family casually.

WEISKY IPC360APP, with Innovative 3D perspective expansion function, support restoring the fisheye compression panoramic image to normal image, you can drag to enlarge and view each corner of the house in your favorite perspective.
WEISKY IPC360 with 24-hour, 7-days work mode, constant work 360days; video will be record within TF-card, and playback at any time when you want, never miss any critical moment
Within WEISKY IPC360, there are 3 LEDs last for 5000 hours, which could equal to five years continue lighting. White LED lamp used for lighting, which could be adjusted the brightness and control switch via App. If set to automatic mode, the light will be turned on or off automatically according to surrounding light brightness. Low power consumption, Used about 1Kwh / week.
Support unattended alarm function. When someone enters into the surveillance area, you will receive an alert message with a captured picture. Click message you will see the picture and real time video. WEISKY IPC360 sets your mind at rest when away from home. Bulb shape has good camouflage effect.

Which Type users need WEISKY IPC360?
1. Care for the elderly.
The aging society situation is getting more and more serious. Children are busy for work, and couldn’t accompany their parents. One occasionally phone call couldn’t know parents’ health situation, and couldn’t know whether parents need help or not, as the elderly don’t want to inform the actual family situation to bring trouble to children. Install a WEISKY IPC360 at home and your parents’ house, we could see our loved ones any time. And if there are problems of parents, we also could know in advance.
2. Care for children
Parents’ companion is most important for children’s growth. WEISKY IPC360 could not substitute the real companion, but could supervise children learning after school, accompany children when they are lonely and share their mood.
3. Monitoring Nanny
Housekeeping is common for ordinary families, nannies are great demand. However, the service quality of nannies which provide by Housekeeping service center is uneven. A unscrupulous nanny will result family irreparable injury. Installing a WEISKY IPC360 at home, with it bulb shape, we can fully understand the situation at home when the owner was not at home.


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