HD WIFI Surveillance KIT


* Model: K9604-WEISKY
* NO Wiring, Plug and Play;
* 1 camera 4ch output, dead-zone free Panorama;
* Easy Installation;
* 100m Transmission;
* High anti-interference.

* 3.0 Mega HD Sensor, the image clear and subtlety;
* Digital zoom function, more clear details;
* 360°dead-zone free, super wide-angle, electronic PTZ monitor multi-direction at same time, quiet and silent;
* Support installing on ceiling, wall and desktop;
* One camera, 4ch image output, panoramic picture with key monitoring area coexist;
* No wifi, plug and play;
* Built-in high performance and high stability of wireless Wi-Fi routing module, support for 802.11b / g / n protocol, 150Mbps;
* NVR connects with Wi-Fi IP camera automatic via the protocol inside;
* Support Video Preview / record / playback / backup;
* Easy to use (easy wireless automatic connection, setup guide, general function menu, Eseecloud);
* Support network services: P2P, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, E-Mail, FTP, etc;
* Support a variety of alarm trigger (video loss / motion detection, etc.) and alarm output (sound / E-Mail / FTP, etc.);
* Support Android / Apple phone (or tablet) remote (LAN and Internet) access and control;
* Support PC (client or browser) Remote (LAN and Internet), access control;
* Support IPC configuration (encoding control, image adjustment, OSD display, etc.);
* Support video motion detection function with IPC;
* Support user rights management.


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